Aug 10, 2022

What are system bets (round robins) in sports betting? (Guide)

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System betting is a type of betting that focuses on the win/loss outcome of more than one game.

A System Bet is a pre-configured bet comprised of 3 to 8 selections.

This article will cover the most important system bets you need to know to get started!


Types of System Bets in Sports Betting


Combine two different selections into one bet, and if both of your selections win, you will receive a greater payout than if you had just placed a single bet on each selection.


Treble betting involves three separate bets on a single event. The first bet is rolled over to the second and the second to the third. This allows you to gain much bigger returns than could be realized from three separate bets, but you accept a higher risk: If just one of your selections fails to win, your return will be zero.


A Trixie is a type of bet in which the gambler places three doubles and one treble bet on three different events. For the trixie to pay out, at least two of the gambler's selections must win


A Yankee bet is a multiple bet that offers 11 betting combinations of four events. The Yankee consists of six double bets and four trebles, plus a four-part accumulator bet for a total of 11 possible bets.


The Heinz betting system gives you 57 different bets (as famous Ketchup with 57 ingredients 🙂): 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds, plus 1 six-fold accumulator.

Super Heinz

Super Heinz contains no single bets, 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-fold accumulators, 21 five-fold accumulators, 7 six-fold accumulators, and one seven-fold accumulator.


A Goliath bet is a multiple full cover bet that includes 28 doubles, 56 trebles, four-fold accumulators (70), five-fold accumulators (56), six-fold accumulators (28), as well as eight seven-fold accumulators.


A patent bet consists of three selections across three events, made up of three singles, three doubles, and one treble.


A Canadian bet involves placing 26 bets across five different events. To trigger a winning payout, at least two or more bets must turn green.

Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 bet involves 15 bets across four different selections: 4 single bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 four-fold accumulator.

Lucky 31

A Lucky 31 bet gives you five single bets, ten doubles, ten trebles, and five four-fold accumulators. In addition to this, it also offers one five-fold accumulator.

Lucky 63

The Lucky 63 bet is a six-selection wager with 63 possible bets, including 6 single bets, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators, plus one six-fold accumulator.


System Bet Calculators

Anyone who wants to know how much money they will win with a particular bet or set of bets should use system bets calculators. If you're trying to plan out your budget, it may be helpful for you to know exactly how much money each bet could cost before placing it.



How to place a system bet?

To place a system bet, you need to first populate your betslip with the events you want to bet on and then find a tab that is either called "System Bets", "Multiples", or "Round Robins" - these may be different in each bookmaker.

On the screenshot, here is the example of the Unibet (Canada) betslip with "Round Robins" tab.

Placing a system bet

As you can see, we can bet on 4 singles, 3 parlays, or a Yankee bet.


System Betting Pros and Cons


  • You can increase your chances of making a return on your bets if some of your selections won't turn green
  • It's a great addition to a long-term betting strategy 


  • It's hard at first to understand what exactly is the formula for each bet
  • It takes some time and effort to keep up with your system bets. We recommend using a sports betting tracking sheet while betting.


Make sure to follow betting signals when researching your selections.