Dec 19, 2022

7 Best Telegram Betting Channels in 2023 (Ranking)

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Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and Telegram has quickly become a go-to platform for sports bettors. Telegram, however, is not just a messenger service - it has grown into a live chat community where all kinds of people share their thoughts, experiences, and advice on betting.

If you are looking for a group chat to receive instant notifications about sports betting tips & picks - then you'll find this article helpful!

The best Telegram betting channels in 2023

BettorSignals - Daily Tips & Picks

Join URL:

Bettor Signals Telegram

BettorSignals Telegram Channel is completely free for all users who want to receive our daily signals via Telegram Mobile App.

Covering major US Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL), as well as Soccer, E-Sport & more.

findbestbet- Soccer betting picks ⚽️

Covering soccer matches with lengthy match analysis. However, they post ads quite frequently.

Football Prediction 365

Covering Soccer matches with Live and Pre-Play prompts. Free to join.


Telegram channel tailored for Bet365 customers.

Sport Bets Analyst

One of the biggest telegram channels in the sports betting niche.

Asian Handicaps

Telegram channel specializing in Asian-Handicapping, providing tips for various soccer leagues. 

Jake's NHL Betting Channel

Covering mostly NHL events with pre-match tips & predictions.

How To Choose The Best Tips Telegram Channel For You

You should look for a channel with a good reputation, track record, number of members, and number of tips.

A Telegram group with a bad reputation will not be reliable or trustworthy. You will never know what kinds of tips you will get and whether they are good or not.

You should stay away from any channel that offers "Fixed Matches" - there is no such thing, and no one will ever put these for free to the public...

Where to search for Telegram betting channels?

Where to search for Telegram betting channels?

  • Search via the Telegram App
    The results are random, and often you'll be prompted with spammy channels, BUT sometimes there will be hidden gems that are worth your attention.
    Search for telegram channels via Telegram App
  • Search for Telegram betting channels in the Telegram channel directories on the web
    Channel directories are full of spammy channels that often try to convince you to join their "VIP, paid group".

  • Search for Telegram betting channels on Google
    Google is full of ads on that topic, but you can trust the search engine if it comes to spammy websites.

How to join a sports betting group chat?

It is quite simple to join a Telegram group chat if it is free. Just open the Invite URL ( and follow the instructions given on the website.

This is the screenshot taken from the telegram invite URL:

Telegram Channel Invite Page

Just click on "VIEW IN TELEGRAM" button, and then "Join" button within the Telegram App.

Make sure to configure your notification preferences.

Free vs Paid betting channels - is it worth it?

We advise against joining any paid telegram channels. It's simply not worth it if you don't know who the tipster is and how he does his research.

The best way to find out what kind of channel is right for you is by joining different types of channels and seeing which one works better for your needs.

The BettorSignals channel is free and contains high-quality information about the matches, so we recommend joining this one first!


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