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Youngboi P - NFL & NBA1 year ago
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Play some D!

#TNF🏈 #Week 12 #Thanksgiving The 6-4 New England Patriots are on the road to face the Minnesota Vikings! 😱 The Vikings just got stunned last week! 🤯 They lost 40:3 against the Cowboys! ‼️ And that after scoring 33 points and winning against the Bills! 😳 Just a shocker! 💡 The Patriots meanwhile are 5-1 in their last 6 games and in these winning contests, they held their opponents to an average of an insane 7,6 points! 🤯 #HowInThisWorld? 💪 Expect mastermind Bill Belichick to once again prepare a masterplan for his defense and the Patriots to hold the Vikings to less than 22 points!

Odds: -110



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